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  • Stepping outside of the comfort zone: 5 top tips for expats

    “Say goodbye to your comfort zone” is a phrase that many people are likely to hear before they set off on their expat journey.

    Don’t forget to be open-minded when mingling with new people abroad.

    Although this may seem scary, pushing yourself to leave the comfort zone is a key step for those who are looking to settle down abroad. Here are 5 top tips to help you to do this:

    Take risks

    You’ll never step outside of your comfort zone until you embrace the move you’ve made. Risks are bound to come along the way for every expat, and we encourage you to take them.

    Travelling and working abroad will help you to grow and it’s likely that your experience as an expat will help you become a lot more adaptable to change. Each country has its own unique perks and peculiarities, and embracing the adventure will enrich your life.

    Be more open

    You may need to become more open when it comes to making new friends abroad. Don’t worry if you find this difficult early on, it will become easier along the way.

    Being an expat gives you the opportunity to make new friends and expand your social circle to a global scale. Meeting people from different backgrounds can turn into a transformative experience and also opens doors to opportunities for you in other parts of the world.

    Say yes to invitations

    When it comes to accepting social invites, there may be times when you will be unsure if it would be rude not to accept. We recommend you try to say yes to these invites as they will help you settle in to your new surroundings.

    Everyone is different and by meeting people from other backgrounds and cultures, it gives you a great opportunity to learn more about yourself. It’s also important to try and meet your new neighbours, but be sure to check what the local food customs are before inviting them over for dinner.

    Enjoy the differences

    Don’t forget to be open-minded when mingling with new people abroad. The differences you will notice early as an expat will soon become your new norm abroad.

    Remember that engaging with the local culture will be a real boost for you when settling down in your new country, however scary it may be at first.

    Reflect on your progress

    When stepping outside of your comfort zone, reflecting on your progress and reminding yourself of milestones can be a useful tool. You could keep a journal or make a checklist of accomplishments every couple of months.

    By reflecting on the progress you’ve made, it will help boost your morale and give you the confidence needed to keep going. You could be pleasantly surprised when you see how far you’ve come.

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